Solidarity in book form

Daniel Akst | June 15, 2010

Levy research scholar Thomas Masterson has co-edited a new book about the Solidarity Economy, a form of economic organization that emphasizes cooperation over competition and communal well-being over individual gain. From the back cover:

“So many of us wish for something more, something different—an economy that we can feel a part of, not that makes us feel like a disposable cog in a mindless, heartless, soulless machine. That something exists and it’s called the Solidarity Economy. It represents new ways of living, of working, of consuming, of banking, of doing business. It represents different ways of doing trade, aid and development between nations. This kind of economy starts from entirely different premises than those of the ruling model of neoliberal capitalism which enshrines individualism, competition, materialism, accumulation, and the maximization of profits and growth. The solidarity economy by contrast seeks the well being of people and planet. It holds at its core these principles: solidarity, equity in all dimensions, sustainability, participatory democracy, and pluralism (meaning that this is not a one-size-fits-all model).”


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