Money and the Public Purpose at Columbia

Michael Stephens | September 10, 2012

Columbia University is hosting a seminar series on “Money and the Public Purpose.”  The seminar, open to the public, begins this week and features a number of Levy Institute scholars.  From the overview:

Modern Money and Public Purpose is an eight-part, interdisciplinary seminar series held at Columbia Law School over the 2012-2013 academic year. The series aims to present new perspectives and progressive policy proposals on a range of contemporary issues facing the U.S. and global macroeconomy. Seminars will feature a mix of academics and practitioners on topics ranging from the history of debt and money and the structure of the financial system to economic human rights for the 21st century.

Tomorrow’s session features Randall Wray and Michael Hudson on “The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt.”

Full schedule here.  Background reading here.


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