The 23rd Annual Minsky Conference Is Coming to D.C.

Michael Stephens | February 3, 2014

23rd Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference
Stabilizing Financial Systems for Growth and Full Employment

The National Press Club
Washington, D.C.
April 9–10, 2014

Organized by the Levy Economics Institute with support from the Ford Foundation.

In a context of global uncertainty, with growth and employment well below normal levels, the 2014 Minsky Conference will address both financial reform and prosperity, drawing from Minsky’s work on financial instability and his proposal for achieving full employment. Panels will focus on the design of a new, more robust, and stable financial architecture; fiscal austerity and the sustainability of the US and European economic recovery; central bank independence and financial reform; the larger implications of the eurozone debt crisis for the global economic system; the impact of the return to more traditional US monetary policy on emerging markets and developing economies; improving governance of the social safety net; the institutional shape of the future financial system; strategies for promoting an inclusive economy and more equitable income distribution; and regulatory challenges for emerging-market economies.

Registration is now open.

Participants include:

Anat Admati
Professor of Finance and Economics, Stanford University

Robert Barbera
Co-director, Center for Financial Economics, The Johns Hopkins University

Richard Berner
Director, Office of Financial Research, US Department of the Treasury

Sherrod Brown
US Senator (D-OH)

Willem H. Buiter*
Global Chief Economist, Citi

Vítor Constâncio
Vice President, European Central Bank

William C. Dudley*
President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Charles L. Evans
President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Heiner Flassbeck
Director, Division on Globalization and Development Strategies, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Jason Furman
Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Office of the President

Michael Greenberger
Professor, School of Law, and Director, Center for Health and Homeland Security, The University of Maryland

Peter Hooper
Managing Director and Chief Economist, Deutche Bank Securities

Bruce Kasman
Chief Economist and Managing Director of Global Research, J. P. Morgan

Jan Kregel
Senior Scholar, Levy Institute, and Professor, Tallinn University of Technology

Jacob J. Lew*
Secretary of the Treasury, US Department of the Treasury

Denis MacShane
European Policy Counsel; former UK Minister for Europe

Robert Menendez*
US Senator (D-NJ)

Frank N. Newman
Vice-Chairman of Asia, Global Strategic Associates, LLC; former Deputy Secretary, US Department of the Treasury

Dimitri B. Papadimitriou
President, Levy Institute

Thomas E. Perez*
Secretary of Labor, US Department of Labor

Peter Praet*
Executive Board Member, European Central Bank

Vincent Reinhart*
Chief US Economist, Morgan Stanley

Andrew Sheng*
President, Fung Global Institute

Daniel K. Tarullo
Member, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Paul Tucker*
Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School

Frank Veneroso
President, Veneroso Associates, LLC

L. Randall Wray
Senior Scholar, Levy Institute, and Professor, University of Missouri–Kansas City

* Invited


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