The New European Economic Dogma

Michael Stephens | February 16, 2012

If it controlled its own currency, the usual thing for a country like Greece to do in these circumstances would be to devalue.  Since it doesn’t control its own currency, Greece is being “asked” to pull off an internal devaluation, or as C. J. Polychroniou puts it:

Essentially, what they agreed to are additional measures that are specifically designed to reduce the standard of living for the majority of the working population as a means of improving the nation’s competitiveness. Aside from firing civil servants, the new memoranda are all about major private sector wage cuts and an overhaul of labor rights.

This is from Polychroniou’s newest one-pager, “The New European Economic Dogma,” released yesterday.  Polychroniou takes on what he regards as the flawed ideology behind the policies that are being dumped on the Greek people; policies motivated by an ambiguous and, says Polychroniou, toxic conception of “competitiveness.”

Read the one-pager here.


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