Galbraith on the Greek Crisis and the “Very Patient and Stubborn Profession”

Michael Stephens | June 18, 2013

Last week, James Galbraith was supposed to be interviewed by ERT, the public broadcaster in Greece.  Events intervened when the Greek government ordered that ERT be shut down, and so instead of sitting for the interview, Galbraith delivered this speech in Thessaloniki in front of a large gathering assembled in response to the closure (ERT defied the directive and continued broadcasting on the internet; yesterday, a Greek court ordered that ERT be put temporarily back on the air).  After noting that the Greek crisis has been going on for five years now, with no sign of progress, Galbraith suggested that it might be time to start reconsidering the policy approach:  “After a certain amount of time, even an economist ought to reconsider their ideas. Most other people would so much more quickly, but we are a very patient and stubborn profession.”


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