End of Week Links

Michael Stephens | June 14, 2013

Boston Fed’s Eric Rosengren on the risk of financial runs and the implications for financial stability*  22nd Annual Minsky Conference (video)

*(Link has changed:  see below the fold of this post for Rosengren video)

Paying Paul and Robbing No One: An Eminent Domain Solution for Underwater Mortgage Debt  New York Fed

‘Financialization’ as a Cause of Economic Malaise  NY Times

The Cash and I  J. W. Mason

A Blogospheric Taxonomy of the Fiscalist vs Monetarist Debate  FT

The Biggest Economic Mystery of 2013: What’s Up With Inflation?  Atlantic

How Schlubs Get Taken By Wall Street Pros  Forbes

Fiscal Implications of the ECB’s Bond-buying Program VoxEU


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