As Crisis Reaches the Euro Axis, Will France Finally Show its Colors?

Jörg Bibow | May 1, 2013

France and Germany held largely contradicting hopes and aspirations for Europe’s common currency. To France the key issue in establishing a European monetary union was to end monetary dependence, both from the vagaries of the U.S. dollar and from regional deutschmark hegemony, and to establish a global reserve currency that could actually stand up to the dollar as part of a new international monetary order. By contrast, the main German concern was to forestall the threat of deutschmark strength as undermining German competitiveness within Europe. Reserve currency status and currency overvaluation stand in conflict with Germany’s export-led growth model.

In light of the euro crisis both nations are bound to reassess the euro’s viability. No doubt France has seen all its hopes for the euro disappointed. France is facing the prospect of a lost generation today, a prospect shared with other debtor nations in the union, and a prospect that undermines the Franco-German axis and may soon turn it into the ultimate euro battleground.

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(see this working paper for more background)


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