“An ideologically useful but unrealistic vision of capitalism”

Michael Stephens | December 2, 2011

A great series of videos at INET collecting clips from Robert Johnson’s interview of Steve Keen, who is among those (few) credited with seeing the financial crisis coming.  Hyman Minsky’s work has played a large role in Keen’s own thinking on this.  In this particular clip, Keen talks about the ways in which economists have been taught to assume an unhelpful story about the way in which banks operate and touches on the basic idea of endogenous money.

Along similar lines:  this working paper by Randall Wray looks at what banks actually do (and what role the financial sector should ideally play in an economy) in the context of examining Minsky’s later work at the Levy Institute on restructuring the American financial system.  (Policy brief version here).

Also, take a look at the last video in which Keen talks about developing a monetary model of capitalism.  For non-economists, this has to be among the more confusing claims to theoretical advancement.  (“Wait … you mean there are economic models that don’t include money?  Wh…”)


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  1. Comment by Oliver — December 6, 2011 at 1:59 am   Reply

    which last video?

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