Farce Turns Into Tragedy

Michael Stephens | February 14, 2012

C. J. Polychroniou has a new one-pager that starts off by noting the asymmetries in the approaches taken by governments in the US and Europe to the 2007-08 crash and its aftermath:  featuring bold public interventions to save the banking and financial systems but relatively limited measures for the millions of unemployed.  He then turns his sights to the latest 130 billion euro Greek “rescue” package and, in the context of a series of such packages and their accompanying austerity demands, Polychroniou suggests that Greece is being pushed too far:

It is high time for Greece to put an end to the EU farce that has now turned into a real tragedy. The nation should refuse to accept another lethal injection and threaten immediate default. At this juncture, there is no other way out.

Read it here.


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